Custom Built Slip-In Units

General Fire is in a class of their own when it comes to  building custom Slip-In units. We deliver units that are dependable, versatile and durable. From conception to completion, each unit is built onsite to customer’s specifications and design requirements.

Because we manufacture our own tanks, pumps, control panels, valves, fuel tanks, stainless steel plumbing, aluminum frames, and aluminum boxes, we have the flexibility to tailor our Slip-In Units to fit any truck – from standard pickup beds with utility boxes to flatbeds with customized boxes built around the Unit.

Upon completion, each Slip-In Firefighting Unit is thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure the unit you receive delivers the highest performance possible for today’s demanding firefighting. With a General Fire Slip-In, your pickup or flat-bed vehicle becomes a fast, initial-attack firefighting brush truck. Because of their flexibility, capacity and convenience, these highly mobile units can easily mean the difference between a quick knockdown and a major fire.

Unifire Manufacturing

Unifire is the leading manufacturer of high performance rescue equipment. Our positive pressure fans, ventilation saws, rescue saws, smoke machines, coring drills, confined space blowers, customer service, and support sets the standard for professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Unifire goes to great extremes to ensure that they strategically align themselves with only the best manufacturers and distributors. Their tools are constantly being tested in live training environments, worldwide. Unifire is confident that the tools they represent are the best in the industry.

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PPV Blowers

Positive pressure ventilation fans/blowers are used to push fire and debris in the air toward an exhaust point.

Rescue Saws

Unifire is the leader in rescue saws. Many rescue saws are modified specifically for the fire and rescue service.

Smoke Generators

Unifire offers a wide range of smoke machines. All of their machines use water based fluid that leaves no residue and is safe to breath.


We value our suppliers and are proud to work with them:

Able II Products
Akron Brass
Amerex Fire Extinguisher
Angus Fire
C&S Supply
Class One
Code 3 Lighting Products
WS Darley Fire Pumps
Duo Safety Ladders
Elkhart Brass
ESS Goggles
FireCom Communications
Fire Research
Foam Pro Foam Systems
Fox Fury
Gerber Outerwear
Hale Pumps
Hannay Reels
Honeywell First Responder Products
Husky Portable Container
Key Hose
Kussmaul Electronics
MC Products
Morning Pride
Newton Kwik-Dump Valves
On Spot Automatic Tire Chains
Pacific Reflex Signs – Fire Fly
Pac Tool Mounts
Pelican Flashlights
Red Head Brass
ROM Doors
Rosenbauer America
Rosenbauer International
RUDD Automatic Snow Chains
South Park Brass
TFT Task Force Tip
Topps Safety Apparel
True North Gear
Unifire Rescue Products
United Plastic UPF
Waterous Fire Pump
Welden Technologies
Workrite Station Wear
Zico Products

We are a full service & sales operation

Locally owned and operated


We are an award winning authorized Rosenbauer Sales & Service Center. We are family-owned and operated, with over 58 years of experience in the fire service industry.

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Celebrating over 50 years of providing the best equipment on the market. With the best suppliers and most trusted brands in the industry, we know what it takes to keep you safe on the job.

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We have been servicing all makes and models of Fire Apparatus, since 1957. We are an authorized Rosenbauer Service Center. We also have multiple service partners throughout our multi-state area.

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